Scrapped Mousiki is an antagonist and attraction in Fredbear's Fright.


Scrapped Mousiki is a animatronic rodent wearing a shirt and vest set with a red bowtie, a pocket watch, and a bowler hat. He is not a Springlock animatronic as he only possesses three fingers on each hand. Mousiki does not seem to be damaged as his suit is intact, however it is extremely dirty, although his jaw appears to be broken and hangs loose. Like Dismantled Fredbear he carries a microphone in his left hand.


Scrapped Mousiki is first active on Night 1 alongside Dismantled SpringBonnie. He begins in CAM 7 and will move to CAM 6 after activating. He will attempt to enter the Office and can spotted at the left door by using the light switch, at which point the door will need to be closed to drive him off. Failing to do this in time will result in a jumpscare and a game over. Mousiki is also active on Night 3 and the start of Night 4 and is more aggressive, however the method needed to defend against him does not change.

Custom Night

Scrapped Mousiki is one of the potentially active animatronics during Custom Night, which is unlocked from the extras menu after beating Night 5. The player is able to set the difficulty of his AI with 20 being the hardest and 0 being completely deactivated. His mechanics are unchanged from the main game, however setting his difficulty to higher levels results in Mousiki appearing at the left door more frequently, and reduces the window of time to close the door on him.


  • Scrapped Mousikis outfit is reminiscent of the Pizza Time Theatre era Chuck E Cheese.
  • Scrapped Mousiki is the only animatronic to wear clothing.
  • Scrapped Mousiki is the only animatronic to have only three fingers on each hand, barring the Hand Puppets.
  • It is not known is Scrapped Mousiki and Nightmare Mousiki from the sequel are the same character or just related to each other.