The Office is a location in Fredbear's Fright.


The Office is a small cramped maintenance room, furnished in a manner almost identical to the office from the first FNaF game. It is a poorly lit space furnished with a desk and antiquated security systems. This includes a camera system repurposed from the original location and a control panel to the right which is intended to be used to control animatronics around the building while guests are inside. The office is accessed through a door to the left leading to CAM 2B and a vent to the right leading to CAM 4B. The junk food wrappers found on the desk in the office were presumably left by the player character.


Almost all of the gameplay takes place within the confines of the office. The player is able to use the security system to monitor the building through the cameras placed in each room, which is needed to track the location of any roaming animatronics. The left door and right vent can be closed using the buttons on their respective sides if an animatronic has approached and is attempting to breach the office, and the left door has a light which can be turned on and off to check if anything is standing in the door. The control panel on the right wall is used to interact with Scrapped FredBear, and the Hydrolysis level hanging from the ceiling is used to interact with Dismantled Fredbear.


  • The light used to check the left-hand door is necessary as to the camera connected to CAM 2B is only active from 7 AM onwards, which is past the time at which the night ends.
  • Clicking on the nose of the Freddy poster will cause it's eyes to glow and will make a honking noise. This is a running joke within the FNaF community.
  • An old loading screen showed Freddy inside the office, however this is no longer used in-game.
  • The two animatronics who are defended against by using items inside the office that are not the doors are both version of Fredbear.
  • The only night which does not take place within the office is Night 5.
  • The junk food wrappers are also found inside the office from FNaF 1, which is likely due to the developer repurposing assets.