Night 4 is the fourth night of Fredbear's Fright. It takes place the day after Night 3 and is the last night to take place within Fredbear's Fright.


Night 4 initially begins like the nights before it. All animatronics are active, barring Prototype who does not appear in Night 4 at all. Once 1 AM passes all animatronics will disappear from the cameras and will be replaced with Fright, who from that point onwards is the only active animatronic. Fright will begin in CAM 6 and will attempt to enter the Office and attack the player using either the left-hand door or the right-hand vent. Fright does not have any sound cues for entering the vent, so it is necessary to watch him on the cameras to determine his position. He can be seen in CAM 7 if about to use the door and CAM 4B is about to use the vent.

At the end of Night 4, Fright will jumpscare the player and a cutscene starts. This is a scripted event and it is not possible to avoid this. Being jumpscared by Fright at any time before 6 AM still results in a game over as normal. The player then unlocks Night 5 from the start menu.

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After the player reaches 6AM, Fright will appear in the office and jumpscare them. It is unclear if the player character is killed by Fright at this point, however it is implied that this is the case. The perspective then shifts to a cutscene fron FNaF 1, in which Phone Guy makes the call that is heard during Night 4 of that game. Phone Guy is attacked by Golden Freddy and stuffed into a springlock suit in the back room. This leads directly into the events of Night 5.


Night 4 is the only night in which the player does not receive one of the Minigames at the end of the night.


Phone Call

Hey, uhh... I was on my way over to see you. Pr-Prototype is doing something... terrible. Tonight hasn't been very good... for me... I don't know what to do. Uhh... just don't worry about me, OK? Uhh... (growl) oh no...


  • Completing Night 4 awards the player with the first star on the start menu.