CAM 7 is a location in Fredbear's Fright.


The purpose of the room covered by CAM 7 is unknown, however is appears to be a small claustrophobic space connected to CAM 8 to the west and CAM 2B to the east. The room is too small to be furnished in any particular manner, and appear to only serve the purpose of housing Scrapped Mousiki.

Mousiki is the only animatronic to begin in CAM 7, and only appears here while inactive. He will leave CAM 7 once he becomes active, which is during Night 1 and Night 3. He also leaves during Night 4 after 1 AM has passed. Dismantled Fredbear can be found in CAM 7 during Night 1 and 3 after leaving his stage on CAM 1A, and Fright will frequently use CAM 7 on his way to the Office through the left door. CAM 2B is never seen in game as the camera is deactivated until 7 AM, which is after the night ends for the player, so watching for Fright in CAM 7 is the only way to track his movement towards the left office door.