CAM 3 is a location in Fredbear's Fright.


Not much is seen of CAM 3 as the camera is pointed towards the puppets, however it appears to be a lengthy display room focused around the characters of the Hand Puppets. Two large posters of Fredbear and Bonnie can be found on the far wall, presumably repurposed from one of the original Fredbear Family Diner locations. The wall is lined with a black and white checkerboard trim and the stage is lined with purple velvet curtains. The Fredbear and Bonnie hand puppets can be found here on stands. It is connected to CAM 2A to the north and CAM 4A to the east.

Both the hand puppets begin in CAM 3 on their stands. When activated they will leave CAM 3 and roam the building, although each hand puppet is a separate entity and will move around the building independent of each other. They will not return to CAM 3 at any time even after successfully defending against them..