CAM 1A is a location in Fredbear's Fright.


Not much is seen of CAM 1A as the camera is aligned with the animatronics, however it is seen that this location consists of a long room with a stage against the far right wall. The stage has purple velvet curtains and star stickers decorate that exposed brick walls. Dismantled Fredbear and Dismantled SpringBonnie can be found here on the stage together. It is connected to CAM 1B to the north and CAM 2A to the west.


Dismantled Fredbear and Dismantled SpringBonnie both begin on CAM 1A at the beginning of every night. SpringBonnie first becomes active on Night 1, with Fredbear becoming active on Night 2. Once activate that animatronic will leave the stage to make their way towards the Office. Neither animatronic will return to the stage if the player is able to successfully defend against them and will continue to roam the building.