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Backstage is a location in Fredbear's Fright.


Backstage is the same location as seen in the first game and is part of the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It is a claustrophobic storage room to the left of the main stage, although the only view of the room is facing the door so most of the room itself remains unseen. The door is labeled EMPLOYEES ONLY, and the room is lit with a single dim light from the ceiling, so much of the room is shrouded in darkness.


Freddy and Bonnie are not present within Backstage however are a threat during Night 5, as they will check the room frequently and will attack the player if the mouse is moved or if the suit is opened while they are at the door. The only animatronics who could be considered present with Backstage is Golden Freddy, who appears as a hallucination and can only be defended against by using SHIFT to close the player character's eyes until it disappears.


  • Backstage is the only location to exist outside of Fredbear's Fright.
  • Neither Chica or Foxy are encountered Backstage, despite both being psychically present in the actual location.